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Warm Up and Cool Down Chart


Designed and Published exclusively by Chartex.

This chart illustrates a range of Cardio-Respiratory, Mobility and Stretching Exercises recommended prior to and after undertaking sporting or strenuous physical activity.

When engaging in sporting activity Warming up and Cooling Down Exercises are recognised as being beneficial to both performance and recovery whilst also reducing the risk of injury.

Developed with the aid of Loughborough University the chart is divided into 3 sections: Advise on the importance of Warming-Up, How to Warm-Up and Why and How to Cool-Down.

Printed on quality heavyweight poster paper and optionally laminated (encapsulated) in 250 micron PVC for durability and hygiene.

Designed as a useful training aid and reference resource for anyone or any establishment involved in regular sporting activity; Gym's, Educational Facilities, Fitness and Health  Clubs.

Additional Information

  • Chartex Product ID: A1-1801A
  • EAN: 5060477920770
  • Size A1 (84cm x 60cm)
  • Paper charts 'FOLDED' in strong A4 envelope
  • Laminated charts 'ROLLED' in robust postal tube

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