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Weight Training Charts

Designed and published exclusively by Chartex this unique series of weight training instructional charts are available individually or as a set of six in either A2 Paper or PVC Laminated format.

Designed for people of all ages and ability to improve general strength and fitness through resistance training as well as dedicated weight lifters and bodybuilders. The charts illustrate a range of both 'Isolation' and 'Compound' exercises demonstrating how to work specific muscles to improve strength and encourage lean muscle growth. The individual muscle groups illustrated include; Chest and Shoulder muscles, Upper and Lower Back muscles, Arm muscles being the Biceps, Triceps & Forearms, Leg quads and hamstring muscles etc.

These weight training charts as well as being decorative, provide a useful reference resource and training aid ideal for health and fitness clubs or home or commercial gymnasium.

Printed on high-quality heavyweight A2 poster paper and optionally laminated in 250 micron PVC for durability and hygiene.