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Nervous System Charts - Set of 6


Designed and published exclusively by Chartex.

This unique set of 6 highly detailed charts illustrate, explain and identify the Human Nervous System showing the Major Nerves of the Upper Limb, Lower Limb and the Origin of Cutaneous Nerves from the anterior and posterior aspects.

The Upper and Lower Limb Charts illustrate the Major Nerves, the various Plexus and identify Nerves that Innervate particular muscles.

The Cutaneous Nerve Charts illustrate the Dermatome Distribution and describe the area of skin that each Nerve supplies.

This acurately detailed, colourful chart was originally designed prior to the 'digital age’ with images being hand drawn and painted for Chartex by a skilled anatomical illustrator.

Printed on quality heavyweight poster paper optionally Laminated (encapsulated) in 250 micron PVC for durability and hygiene.

Designed as a useful reference resource and training aid for Medical Practices, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals and Medical Institutions and as an learning tool for Anatomy Students and a practical visual aid for explaining nerve related problems to patients.

N.B: Only A3 Laminated Charts Dispatched With Front Cover & Slide Binder.

Additional Information

  • Chartex Product ID: 0307A
  • Size: A2 (60cm x 42cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm)
  • Paper charts 'FOLDED' in strong A4 envelope
  • Laminated charts 'ROLLED' in robust postal tube

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