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Solar System Chart


The Chartex Solar System Chart is a premium product designed to be informative, colourful, interesting & decorative. Published exclusively by Chartex Ltd,

The Chartex Solar System Chart proportionally illustrates the size and dimentions of the planets and their satalites in relation to the Sun in our Solar System.

Additional specific features for each planet are listed with information such as; Planet Mass, Rotational Period, Orbital Period and more.

Seperately illustrated is The Milky Way, the Oort Cloud, kuiper belt and an inset orbital map of the Solar System plotting the routes of Haleys Comet and the unmanned space missions of Voyager 1, Voyager 2 and the Rosetta Probe.

Printed on high quality heavyweight poster paper, available in A1 or A2 size and optionally laminated in durable 250 micron PVC.

The Chartex Solar System Chart is suitable as a useful & interesting reference resource for schools and educational facilities or as decorative wall art for the home or workplace.

Additional Information

  • Size A1 (85cm x 60cm), A2 (60cm x 42cm)
  • Chartex Product ID: 1903A
  • Paper charts 'FOLDED' in strong A4 envelope
  • Laminated charts 'ROLLED' in robust postal tube

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