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Laminating Pouches

BOSS® low static, thermal seal, PVC, gloss laminating pouches. Chartex are an authorised distributor of BOSS laminating pouches. Available in a wide range of standard sizes and thicknesses, these are superior quality, gloss finish, laminating pouches designed with a slight radius for safety eliminating sharp corners.

Encapsulated images and colours are enhanced and brightened by the crystal clear gloss PVC finish, unlike some inferior, unbranded products which can produce an opaque 'milky' appearance.

By being virtually static free, these pouches are quick and easy to use, avoiding the frustration caused by 'static adhesion'.

All packs include an optional use silicon coated cardboard carrier that can assist in keeping the laminator rollers clean.

PVC gloss laminating pouches provide durable, hygienic, permanent protection for photographs, documents, menus, signs, posters, charts etc. Suitable for use with standard 'hot seal' pouch laminating machines.