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Joint Anatomy Charts

Designed & published exclusively by Chartex, our unique Joint Anatomy Charts display the anatomy of all major joints within the human body: Ankle & Foot Joint, Knee Joint, Hip Joint, Elbow joint, Forearm & Hand joints, Spine & Vertebra, amongst many others.

A useful reference resource for medical practices, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hospitals & medical institutions.

Joints hold our skeleton together and aid in movement. Joints are defined as the areas at which two or more bones meet and they are complex systems that are made up of a variety of different parts.

There are many types of joints including: Ball and Socket Joints, Hinge Joints, Pivot Joints and Ellipsoidal Joints. These joint types are known as mobile joints, or joints that aid in movement. There are also joints that do not move, such as suture joints also known as synarthroses joints (definition; immovable articulation) which are found within the skull.

The images on these charts were original hand drawn by a highly skilled anatomical illustrator.