Lower Limbs Exercise and Rehab Cards

Lower Limbs Exercise and Rehab Cards

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Over 200 different exercises for Rehabilitation of the Foot Ankle Knee and Hip. They have been designed in conjunction with sport injury specialists in physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery. The programme cards provide exercises for early rehab plus stretching water resistance band advance and return to sport. The right to unrestricted photocopying for patient use is included in the purchase price.

Up to 8 exercises can be photocopied on an A4 size piece of paper double sided ( 4 on each side ). Each exercise is clearly illustrated with a start and finish position.

There is also space on each card for the therapist to write information about how many times the exercise should be done and how long to hold the exercise position if a stretch has been given as part of the Rehab programme. It is a very simple system and the exercises are suitable for patients of all ages and who are recovering from a variety of injuries operations or suffering from arthritic or poor mobility conditions.

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