Human Anatomy & Medical Charts

The Chartex range of Anatomical & Physiological Educational Charts have been designed in co-operation with experienced & highly knowledgeable medical professionals in the fields of orthopedics, general practice & physiotherapy.

Our colourful & accurate Charts & Teaching Portfolios are an ideal reference source for people who are studying towards a career in any one of the many areas of medicine.

The Muscle series & Joint Anatomy Series enables the practitioner to pictorially demonstrate to the patient the mechanism of the body.

The Anatomy & Function of the Cardio-Respiratory System Series plus the Major Heart Disease & Exercise & Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease Charts help medical professional offer explanations to patients.

The charts can be used by the medical profession to help the patient better understand the diagnosis & treatment they are to receive. Good rehabilitation is the key to the success of every operation & illness.

Printed on high-quality heavyweight satin paper and laminated in 250 micron PVC for durability and hygiene they are available in paper or laminated format.